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We have two Heavenly Feet retail outlets based in Cornwall. Here you can see our full range of Heavenly Feet Styles and our unique collection of Dude shoes, Skechers trainers and Havaiana flip flops.

  • Top quality Heavenly Feet products
  • Best customer service
  • 90 day-money back guarantee                                                                    
Heavenly Feet shops 

   Heavenly Feet Padstow             Heavenly Feet St Ives

        Tel: 01841 533373                            01872 519260

                 email                                            email

 heavenlyfeetpadstow.co.uk                heavenlyfeetstives.co.uk

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Tel:01841 533373

Should you wish to contact us, please direct you enquiry to the relevent department. This will help us deal with your requirements quickly. We do prefer contact to be made by email, however should your enquirey be urgent please call the relevent number above.